Вася Прокопиева

Founding Partner and CEO of EU-BG Legal Consultants Ltd (2006), a boutique legal consultancy firm, specialized in civil, commercial and private EU law, which later became what is today’s “Prokopieva, Troyanov, Russenov & Partners” Law Firm.

Master Degree in European Law from one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium (2004). Had to work hard to be able to pay herself the tuition fees and support her living, while studying. Defended her Master Thesis in the field of European Company Law — Groups of companies and penetrating liabilities, highly appreciated by DG Internal Market of the European Commission.

A Master in Law, Law Faculty, Sofia University (2000). Surprising choice of career, coming from a sports background with more than 11 years of professional playing and competing in Rhythmic Gymnastics, including for a short term in Bulgaria National Team.

Specializes in complex commercial transactions, groups and corporate structuring, management and corporate governance for credit institutions, E-money and payment institutions. Manages the communication and legal protection provided to her clients by a number of law firms and consultants in Europe and USA.

Her prior experience includes working for Colliers International for the leasing out of Class A office buildings in Business Park Sofia project to more than 100 tenants, which project was later acquired for 220 mln EUR and working for the leasing out of Class A office buildings in the Business Park Varna project and representing the Seller in a 9-month long and complex transaction for the acquisition of the project for 75 mln EUR by AFI Europe, publicly listed on the LSE.

Outside the boardroom, Vassya Prokopieva is a devoted/working mother and likes to do sports (fitness, swimming, biking, skiing), travel the globe with her family and read “Principles: Life and Work” by Ray Dalio. Her old love, the creative writing, will never fade away.